Living with a companion

This week we traveled to Pelotas for a conference with President Castro. It was a blast. It was also a spiritual rejuvenation. I love meeting new missionaries from my mission. The leaders in our mission (zone leaders, APs, and district leaders) truly inspire me. I am thankful for their testimonies.

It has been pretty hot this week. The sun is super penetrating. I actually started putting on sunscreen (your welcome Mom!) However my missionary tan line has already stared to appear. I don´t know why but I´m irrationally happy about the watch tan line that I´ll develop. It has also been humid. Like things (clothes and dishes) don´t really dry in the house. I come home pretty sweaty every night and it´s not even summer yet! Oh well- I heard that Rio Grande is the best city to be in during the summer. Apparently it´s cooler than other parts of the mission due to the ridiculous proximity to large bodies of water (an ocean and a huge lake). Right about now my body is getting a little confused because I’ve been so used to the Utah weather cycle for so long. I mean- shouldn’t it be getting colder by now?? Haha. We share a ward with the zone leaders and they are super amazing people Elder I. (from Argentina) and Elder T. (from Bahia, Brasil). They´re super funny and super spiritual.

The other week a teenage ward member managed to figure out where Sister T. and I live. It caused a lot of a ruckus. (*I wish she’d elaborate on that!)

I seriously feel that the mission field is like Marriage Prep 101. It is teaching me what it would be like to live with a ´stranger´ for 24 hours a day. You must deal with them in all types of moods, and situations. You must be able to put away your desires for the better of the whole (relationship).

Living with Sister T. has not been a piece of cake. Wow. I cannot read her at all sometimes and we have very different personalities. However, I know that the only way we can have the spirit and be effective missionaries is when we work in unison. This can only happen when we are completely communicative, happy and open. I am trying my best to enhance our relationship so that we can succeed.

I honestly keep thinking ´´Thank goodness I don’t have to marry a girl” because girls are just dramatic in general. 😉 Thank goodness it’ll be much easier to get along with my future husband. Hehe. The plan of salvation for families is truly inspired.

I’ve been trying to run everyday with Sister T. There is a free exercise location here a little down the road. She doesn’t like running all that much, but we figured out a good exercise plan that makes us both happy. She rests/lifts weights in the middle while I run around in circles on the makeshift track there. We do this in order to remain within sight and sound of each other (as such is the rule in the white bible/missionary handbook). It is so great to be out experiencing the fresh air that early in the morning 😉 …That is as long as we went to bed at the proper hour the night before. ;P

I can´t believe my team took state! I seriously miss soccer out here. Seriously. Saudade. I made lemon bars today! They turned out really well. 😉

I love you all.

-Sister Jessop