Week 3 in the Field

This week has been a bit different.

My companion and I had a couple squabbles but it has all been resolved now. (I hope). I really am just looking for ways to serve her and show her how much she means to me and to this mission. She really is a bang up missionary (slang for really good missionary).

It has been super rainy and is a bit insane. I’m talking massive thunderstorms with lightning and thunder all night long. One night my comp and I just stayed up to watch the lightning from our bedroom window. The lightning strikes way more often than utah lightning (this probably has something to do with the fact that there is a coastline at the top and bottom of my area). We’re surrounded by water on the top and bottom. Maybe I’ll send a pic of our map – its trippy. Not gonna lie though, the lightning has been pretty dang cool. However it is not very conducive to missionary work. For some reason nobody is in the street to contact when its pouring rain and the puddles are insurmountable. Also- people dont like to let you into their house when its raining (I still dont know why…).

We had lesson with a really cool family though. We contacted them in the street and later had the restoration lesson. They told us they had their own Book of Mormon and so we waited while they found their absolutely ancient Book of Mormon. Another missionary had given it to them many years ago. No seriously this book of mormon is old. The Elders that gave it to them wrote their testimonies in the front cover of the book in 1995. That is the year I was born!!! That means that the seed was planted by an Elder the same year that I was born. That seems insane to me. Not only that, but the edition of the Book of Mormon was actually from 1981. Anyway, they seemed way receptive to our message and they kept agreeing to us and drawing all these parallels to what they already believed in. But of course when it came to the baptismal invite they scattered like ants just before we were going to give it. Sad……. The only other problem is that the dad is going to Porto Alegre for a back surgery next week. Oh well I still have a really good feeling about them and I am confident that they’ll be baptized in the end.

I love y’all sooooo much. I’m so glad that everyone is doing well. And Im so relieved that you got my handwritten letters. I will definitely send more now that I know they’ll actually get to you. I’m sorry that I didn’t have time to respond to all of your emails individually this week. Oh and I got your letters!!!!! It was seriously one of the happiest things to get those letters. Send me more! And I’d love more physical photos.

Everything is great here in Rio Grande. Seriously. I just want the work to pick up a bit more. Be praying for more progressing investigators for us here!

-Sister Jessop