Shower Adventures and Miracles

Can you believe that I´ve had three Fast Sundays out in the field? Here in Brazil the biggest meal of the day is always lunch. Therefore they always fast from lunch to lunch. It´s a bit different, but I think it´s actually easier to do.

I´m amazed by how much I´m used to Portuguese at this point. It stopped being weird that everyone I talk to only speaks Portuguese (minus my companion). I can understand just about everything anyone says as long as they talk about gospel topics. However, I have realized that my vocabulary is insufficient to speak on every topic under the sun. For example I have few words to describe scientific things, or express myself through reasoning. However even worse than that is when people try to make jokes. My level of understanding plummets when people make jokes because they´re always a play on words and I never know the double meaning of the word. Oh well.. Some things will just take time to understand.

This week was extremely weird and unproductive. We tried to find a bunch of less actives in the city and a lot of them have moved houses, cities, etc. It was pretty funny actually. For some reason the weirdest looking, smelling, and sounding house was always the house of the less active we were trying to find. I don´t know why but that´s just how it worked out his week.

Shower adventures:
Adventure #1 We woke up one day and the power was out. I absolutely had to take a shower though because I hadn´t taken one the day before. So I took a freezing cold shower on a rainy day. ;P

Adventure #2 So the other day I was taking a shower and the water stopped coming out of the faucet. Of course at this point I had just finished soaping up. My companion thankfully brought me a bucket of water from the sink with a little cup to rinse off with instead.

Adventure #3 I just figured out (like this week) that you can change the water temperature in the shower. Yep I´m blond…and extremely short…The knob is very high so I naturally just considered it impossible reach that high and change the temperature. (I have to stand on the toilet and lean over the glass wall of the shower to change it…talk about strugglin´…)

So remember the girl that didn’t believe in Jesus Christ but believes in God? Ya well, she went to church this last Sunday and she has a baptismal date set for the 22nd! What!? God sure does work miracles!

I hope that Halloween went well. I can´t wait to see the pictures. I´ll send more pictures next week as well. I hope that all is well in happy valley. Sorry this email was so random.

-Sister Jessop

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