Only 15 Minutes to Write

I must first apologize because I only have 15 minutes to write this email.

This week has been a little crazy. We’ve had an alarming amount of rain. (My new raincoat is definitely getting a work-out) A lightning storm brewed while we were in the house of a new investigator this week. The thunder was so stinkin loud that I nearly hit the ceiling out of surprise and fear. It was pretty epic though.

We had splits with the sister trainer leaders this week. I sure learned a lot. I got to spend the day with an American! It was super fun. Her name is Sister N. and she returns in one week. !Crazy! If she FB friends me, please accept her. She is from Lehi and is studying at BYU. It is so much easier to understand her Portuguese than my Brazilian comp. Its a joke. The Brazilian natives speak as if they’re from another world.

We spent 3+ hours on a lesson with one girl yesterday. Wow, it was a long time. While we should not have wasted that much time it was extremely difficult to give a lesson to her because she believes in God but does not believe in Jesus Christ. She was very educated and knew the Bible very well, but she was very confused about her religion. I hope that the spirit can work with her to soften her heart.

I love all of your wonderful support and prayers. :) Keep being the wonderful people you are. Look to Christ as an example. He will truly help you and change your life for the better.

I get to go to Pelotas tomorrow for a conference thing! yay!

Sorry this was so short!

-Sister Jessop

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