First Letter from the Mission Field!

Lots of pics in this one. Okay so I have no time to write! Ah! But I arrived safely. I hope you enjoy all the pictures. I am in Gaucho land in Rio Grande. Everything about the field is way different from the CTM. I already miss the planned meals and schedules. Out here you make your own schedule. Weird. Talking with ‘real’ people is a lot more intimidating. I had my very first baptism already! Yay! Anyway I love you all so much. There is much more to come next p-day. Sorry but today was mostly a sending pictures day. 😛

The view of Rio Grande from my mission apartment.

A pic of Sister T (my new companion) and me after a long day of training and traveling.

A baptism in my first week. A really cool guy.

President and Sister Swenson in Porto Alegre

Sister Remmington (from California,) Sister Larsen (from Taylorsville, Utah,) Sister Guy (my companion from South Jordan-she’s the best) and me at the Campinas Temple

Us saying goodbye (kind of). I love these girls so much.

Elders Willoughby, Ockey, Hale, Garrett, Sister Guy, me, Sister Larsen (sadly in the shade,) and Sister Remmington. My absolutely amazing CTM district. I cried, sweat, and bled (not really) with these wonderful folks. I can’t wait to hang with them after the mission.

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