Another good hard week

So this week has passed very quickly. We had two exchanges and let’s just say it’s been hectic with travelling, working, etc. As far as Rosangela goes (the paralytic) we are watching more of the progress that she will make in the path to repentance until she can be baptized. She was not able to go to church yet but I have confidence that if and or when she moves to an ‘old folks care home’ it will be just that much easier for her to go to church.

The sun here is really angry. Can you all believe that today it will hit 100°?!? Wow…. And we walk in this humid heat every day… Honestly the Lord protects us every single day because I don’t know how I’ve made it this long in this sun without fainting yet.

Well I am really psyched with the baptisms we’ll have this week…or possibly the following if there’s a hiccup. We’ll see. We have some investigators seriouly interested and keeping the invitations. It is fantastic.

I wish you all a good week. tchau!

-Sister Jessop