Weekly Update

This week we had a cool conference with the first presidency of the church and were greatly instructed. It was amazing to hear Elder Dallin H. Oaks, and other apostles speak to ALL of us missionaries at the same time. Very cool.

This week we gave a training for the new missionaries (the greenies) about contacts and how you have to speak with absolutely everyone that the Lord puts in your path. The following days we were able to put this in practice even more in our work and we invited a whole bunch of people to church and to hear our messages. I don’t know why (maybe it’s lack of faith on our part) but not very many people wholly accepted our invitation. Most of the people were like, ” Ya, yes, yes. I’ve already heard about your church (eye roll) I have my own religion. thanks….”. Very dry. However even so, there are always the elect few of the Lord that accept with happiness in the heart.

So the Bishop called a new LMA (ward mission leader) and he is super cool! His name is In√°cio and is super willing to work with us and accompany us during the lessons and everythinig. I think that he’ll be a ward mission leader very present in the work and this will help us greatly to connect us more with the ward.

Anyways – I love you all! have a wonderful week!!!

-Sister Jessop