Temple Time

It sounds like ya’ll are having an absolute blast without me! :) Man- can you believe I’ve been here for a month?! I literally only have 17 more of these [months] left and that actually makes me kinda sad because I love it here. I love the people, the food, and the language.  I feel so extremely blessed to be here. My very favorite thing here is definitely the people I am with.  My companion is absolutely amazing and fantastic.  She is constantly striving to build others up.  She is definitely a people person and if she notices even the slightest problem, she will chat with that person to make them feel important, calm them down, or give them confidence.  I love her very much and I am so sad that we’ll be parting in 2 weeks. :(  At least we’re going to the same mission!
The brazilian instructors are my favorite people to talk to.  My companion and I always manage to talk to our ‘instructors’ (Irmãos) about their love lives. haha [Having a gold ring on your right hand ring finger means your engaged.]  They are so funny and informative.  They get down to business (portuguese business that is), but they are always around for a good time.  I will definitely miss them in the field.  I will also miss the safety of the CTM.  I love this place. I know that I must go out and meet real investigators one day, but I just can’t get enough of this place.  You meet sooooo many new, different, exciting people at the CTM.  I love them all.
We had a seriously cool devotional on tuesday.  President Dalton spoke to us (he is somehow related to Sister Dalton whom I LOVE!).  He spoke about how we should prepare all of our investigators to enter the temple.  We are not solely out here to baptize people (although that is a very important saving ordinance).  We want to bring people to the House of the Lord to be sealed together as families.  We also want to bring them to the temple to do the work of their ancestors just waiting to be able to accept those saving ordinances.
I learn so much at the temple. There is an amazing mosaic in the baptismal font (like WOW).  The crazy, noisy, hectic life outside of the temple is a big contrast to the serene, calm, peaceful feeling inside of the temple.  Anyway I love the temple. y’all need to go. :) :) No really, go to the temple more often- people are waiting on the other side just for you.
campinhas temple 5409-1440x990
Whenever I mention my mission to somebody they always comment ‘oooo it’s cold down there.’  This comment really makes me wonder just how cold it is…I’m starting to get a little worried.
I love y’all sooooo much! Keep sending me updates! I’m only 1 1/2 weeks away from being out in the field!
-Sister Jessop

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