Post Christmas Letter

Wow! It was absolutely amazing to see and hear all of you guys on Friday! Here on the mission the weeks pass like days and the months pass like weeks. Basically time flies out here! Well it is true that “Time flies when you’re having fun.”

This week was rather dificult as far as missionary work goes. This week we seemed to meet a lot of people with very little interest in our message… Like we did 165 contacts tranquilly and managed to mark eight baptisms, however found lots of people that rejected us this week. Well such is the life of a missionary. Maybe it has to do with the Christmas spirit… 😕 Well we had one cool experience (other than the epicness of the 25th😁): I contacted a woman last week and we returned to her home this week and when we knocked she asked immediately “Do you want to come in?” and told us that we came a little late when in reality we didn’t even mark a specific time or day to visit her. So she was waiting our arrival without us even knowing it. :) Well she accepted a baptismal date for the 23rd, but unhappily was not able to come to church this sunday with us because her nephew had to go to the hospital. I hope she keeps progressing. We’re teaching her tonight.

The gospel is so very true. Keep up the gospel there in Utah as well. Our brethren and sistren need our help. :) LOVE Y’ALL!

Eu amo o evangelho! Pregar o evangelho é o melhor coisa no mundo que poderia estar fazendo. Estou aprendendo muita coisa aqui. Nem quero voltar…só que não! Morro de saudades de vocês! Espero que consigam traduzir isso. kkkkkk hahahaha

-Sister Jessop