Transfers – Staying in Pelotas

So we recieved the transfer and….I am staying in Pelotas. My Argentina companion, Sister DLT, will be leaving me. :( But I will gain a new companion: Sister Bor. She is from Uruguay and is finishing her mission. She is SERIOUSLY amazing. I am looking forward to learning a lot from her. I went on one exchange with her. She is hardworking, joyful, funny, likable and spiritual. I am so psyched for the hard work and the miracles that’ll come!

Well this week was really great. We visited a less active family that the bishop had asked us to teach and it turned out super amazing. When we arrived the mom told us the whole story about how they met the church and also how they met one another in the church (the couple) The conversion story was pretty dang beautiful. The mom was the YW President at the time and they actually got sealed in the temple. They have a twevle year old daughter (who is not a member) named Isadora. She came to church with us this last Sunday and already has a baptismal date! We only visited them twice as of this far, however I felt the Spirit really strongly both times and I have a lot of faith that this family will return to activity in the church. The second time we taught them, we asked Isadora to say the prayer at the end. She said a prayer like none other. She really spoke with God as if He were there in the room. During the prayer she even said to God, “I ….miss you.” Wow! Everyone got goosebumps after the prayer and she said she felt strange. We then tried to help her recognize that it was the Spirit testifying to her. It was pretty dang cool. I think that now is the right time for this family to return to church. So cool…. :)

Well I basically love the mission. I look forward to absolutely every opportunity to learn and grow and help others come unto Christ. Stay strong in the faith! Love you all!

-Sister Jessop