Splits, baptisms and a ward talent show

We had three splits (divisions) this week. It was great. I got to work with another Sister from Pelotas (Sister V.) She is working here only for a short time to help the mission out. She is amazing and amazingly funny. We finally found the house of an old, progressing investigator that the elders had been teaching (actually the assistants were teaching her). Her name is Rosaura. She said that she almost got baptized when they were teaching her. She told us that she got her bag all ready and everything (with a towel, underwear, etc) but that the elders didn’t show up to take her to the baptism. Wow!

Anyway we will be working with her big time this week and the following so that she’ll be baptized soon. I heard that her dream is of being baptized. She is so sweet and is willing to change her life to follow Christ. :) Happy day! We also marked a baptismal date with Claudio for November 7th! We is doing so well and is progressing very well. He’s already been to church two times and is super excited to have started on this path.

We also went to Arroio Grande this week- which is about two hours drive from Pelotas. The drive was very tiring. Arroio Grande is a very small, cute town, with a branch (not a ward). I met a variety of members and they all seemed super friendly and nice. It’s an amazing area. My companion went with Sister L. and I split with Sister M.!!!!! It was so cool to see her once again. We started our mission at the same time and were born (started our mission) in the same place- in Rio Grande. She is from Mexico and is super funny and way cool. We had some sweet experiences teaching together, including finding an elect couple with the earnest desire to find the truth and join a church to have a faith. Seriously, this couple loved the message of the Restoration. It was really cool!!!

On Saturday we had a cool ward activity. It was a talent show! You guys would not believe it- my companion and I did a comedy. Hahaha! We decided to make a sandwich together. My companion played the part as the hands and I talked. I don’t know how to explain very well but y’all get the picture. It was funny and everybody got a good kick out of it. Some gauchos also played some awesome music. It turned out really cool. There was also free hot water and erva to make chimarrão.

Well that basically wraps up my week. I hope that the next one can be just as good, if not better. Love you all!

-Sister Jessop