Weekly Update

So I am really liking this area. It is in the countryside (ish). The bishop is very involved in the missionary work, which is a good sign that the work here in this area will go far. My companion is great! She is from Argentina and is helping me get the ropes with some of my new responsibilities.

I’m not gonna lie- it feels like my time here on the mission is almost up. Now is my time to shine. I want to give my absolute all and help absolutely everyone I can to be strengthened through Jesus Christ. This will come through personal sacrifice but I am very willing to pay the price. I hope that I can reach my full potential out here in Brazil as a missionary. I am really liking missionary work. It is really awesome. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity where you have the authority to invite others to change their life and follow Jesus Christ. I am so grateful for this chance. God is very very good. I love Him very much.

I wonder if you guys will notice that I have changed at all when I come home because I feel that I have changed a great deal. My testimony has changed and has been strengthened so much over this whole year.

General Conference was amazing as usual and it was really great to watch in Portuguese for the last time on the mission. It really was great. There were three talks in a row (during the afternoon Sunday session) that talked about obedience with some really poignant examples (the sharks, the seat belt, and the mud). I really loved the themes of this years conference. It was amazing. I am so grateful for a living prophet and apostles that lead and guide this church and the whole world. They really are inspired men with revelation directly from God. If we heed their counsels I promise to you all they will not lead us astray. Study their talks!!!

Love you all to pieces!!

-Sister Jessop

PS. I will attend my first Leader Council in POA tomorrow. It should be a blast. We shall hear some inspired words from our leaders and President Cruz. yay!!!

I LOVE MISSIONARY WORK!!!! #missionaryforlife #i’mnotgoinghome