Working hard

This week was great. It is really crazy doing so many things at a time…. Taking care of your area with your investigators and your ward as well as helping other sisters with their area, their investigators and their ward. It is really great serving other sisters and helping them as well. I find it really fantastic sharing the knowledge I have gained over this year with all of the sisters.

So this week we had an interesting experience. We taught an athiest, and an agnostic (less active) at the same time. We started the lesson normally but it turned into a big discussion. They basically bombarded us with a whole bunch of questions and rebuttals. It was really interesting because I had an answer to bassically all of the questions and doubts they had, however they hardly stopped talking to let us answer. But one thing I realized then is that all of the questioning that they had were not of God. We weren’t able to feel the Spirit like we do normally during lessons because the attacking questions they had left the whole atmosphere tense. So basically I learned ever more that God exists and loves us because he sends the Holy Ghost to testify of the veracity of all of our righteous actions. Yep. The gospel is cool and is very true. :)

This following week is sure to be a week of pure miracles. We are really trying to serve and all that jazz. My companion is awesome!! She serves like absolutely everyone and is a really great friend to me. #SisterDLTforlife!

-Sister Jessop