Weekly Update

This week we brought some investigators to a rebroadcast of the Womens’ General conference session. It was really swell. General conference always brings the Spirit into meetings in a really cool way. Also our investigator, Claudio, is progressing very well. He started reading the Book of Mormon last week and I believe he’s in 2 Nephi already.

Well this week we have planned three splits. Woohoo! For one whole day we won’t be able to work in our own area because we’ll have to travel two hours to do splits with some sisters in Arroio Grande (an old area of my companion- Sister d.l.T). Well, I know that the Lord will bless our area even more because we also get to help other sisters’ areas grow. It should be great!

I did a split with Sister S. this last week and it was awesome! She is a dedicated Sister missionary. She’ll go far. We found some pretty cool investigators and ended up marking four baptisms. Woohoo!

It’s been a roller coaster this week – work, sleep, work, eat, work, breath, work… Life is good. I feel like I’m working hard, instead of hardly working! Haha! Missionary work is the best kind of work. I hope that next week I have more news to tell you. Love you all! Ciao!

-Sister Jessop