Baptisms & Big Changes

So this week was the baptism of Lucas (Carla’s son). It was really beautiful and moving. His uncle was able to baptize and confirm him a member of the church. His uncle had been telling him all about the church for a rather long time (several years) and so when they were actually in the baptismal font he got rather emotional and teary-eyed. It was so spiritual and cute to watch. It must have been a dream of his to watch his nephew get baptised one day.

Also, during the confirmation he blessed him that he would serve a mission and I just about bawled my eyes out imagining him serving a mission. Certainly he will be an amazing missionary one day and will change the lives of many. He is a great young man and I feel really priviledged to have been able to help him on this path.

So this week we had a sort of despedida (farewell) to us six sister missionaries living together because of the transfers that were coming up. So as part of this farewell we decided to order pizza from Dinapole. This pizza is amazing folks! It comes with a chocolate stuffed crust and you can choose up to four different flavors for the pizza. Well, we ordered Friday night and all day Saturday, you would not believe it but, two of us started to passar mal (feel bad) including my companion Sister Q.

Well, most of the day went rather tranquilly because we were rather occupied with the baptismal functions. Luckily Sister Q. was able to use the chapel bathroom all that afternoon. However after the baptism, at aprox. 3am, my companion started vomiting and we had to go to the hospital! Irmão Roberto (our amazing ward mission leader) took us to the hospital. Wow. It was crazy! She got some medicine and she is feeling a lot better now, but in the moment it was very scary! – A bad case of food poisoning!

We received the transfer early this morning and I will be getting transferred out of Cefer, Porto Alegre. Actually, I was called as a Sister Trainer Leader yesterday!! Wow! I feel slightly overwhelmed and I am not so sure if I’m ready for this. I just hope that I can serve these girls like I know that Jesus Christ would. I will be going to Pelotas!!!! Yay! With a Sister D. (from Argentina). And we will be opening an area once again that belonged to Elders. Wish me luck! Wow! It seems like a whole lot of responsibility. Wow. I am left without words to express myself.

While I am grateful for this oportunity, I am extremely sad that I will be leaving Cefer and all of these recent converts. Seriously- I will miss Carla and Fernando and their family like crazy. I bawled my eyes out when I found out that I would be leaving these people for another area. However “Everything’s gonna be alright”-Justin Bieber.

Wish me luck on this new adventure!

-Sister Jessop

I am so excited for general conference this weekend! All of you have to watch all of the sessions! Love you all!