Happiest Week

This week was probably the happiest week of my mission!! :) On Monday we went to the Farroupilia which is like a cultural event of the Rio Grande do Sul. Lots of gauchos! That same day we were also witnesses for Carla and Fernando’s wedding in the cartório. Then on Tuesday we went to the temple as a zone. The spirit was so high! And on Saturday we had the marriage ceremony and baptism of the very best, most special family that ever lived. Wow! I am on a spiritual high! I am so very grateful for the Lord’s tender mercies. He really does bless us in this work.

We are teaching a number of really cool people (families) and I hope that Sister Q. and I get to stay another transfer together to baptize everyone! Hahaha!

Sorry it’s so short-I ran out of time.

-Sister Jessop