Proselyting in Sao Paolo

We actually went proselyting this week!  [*going out and teaching real people, not just with instructors.] We actually gave out copies of the Book of Mormon.  Each person had two to give out.  It was like the easiest thing on the planet.  We gave them out literally 30 steps away from the bus to a group of old men.  Creepy men,  but it’s okay.  Yeah- guys will listen to you talk about anything (even religion!) if you’re pretty (my companion is a total babe and attracts all the boys to her lawn with her milkshakes.) :)

It was a really weird downtown experience though because of the alarming number of homeless people, as well as the number of ‘ladies of the night’ (apparently it’s not just for nighttime anymore?? because we were proselyting at like one in the afternoon and I saw four ladies). One homeless guy was literally sleeping on the sloped cement and would occasionally thrash around at unsuspecting passersby. Yep. Strange right? We also talked at length with a drunk homeless man…he got very emotional…..

So I had some pretty fantastic blunders with an investigator yesterday.  Just to preface this- the word for ‘morrar’ is to live and the word for ‘morrer’ is to die.  Yeah so I actually asked an investigator “Voce tem morrido em Sao Paulo para todo sua vida?” which translates to “Have you died in Sao Paulo your whole life?”  It was pretty funny.

The other blunder I made was in the middle of the baptismal invite at the very end of the lesson after we had born our testimonies and everything.  We cracked our ‘investigator.’  Yep he started laughing because I said that Joseph Smith had received the priesthood from Pedro (Peter), Tiago (James) and Paulo (I thought it was Paulo not Joao.)  Whoops! So then I started laughing cause I’m like a giggling machine sometimes.  So my amazing companion finished the invite for me and he accepted through giggles. Babahaha! I had to jab my nail into the palm of my hand to keep from laughing during the closing prayer.  And this ‘lesson’ was being videotaped… so several of the instructors had a laugh about it later.  Other than that it was a fantastic lesson about Joseph Smith and eternal families all mixed into one.

I thought I would get fat here because of the amount of food I consume, but I have actually lost 5 pounds.  I don’t really know how, but I attribute it to the fact that I am no longer eating chocolate chip cookies, pies, and brownies on the daily. Haha. They have the worst desserts here. I think I’m going through a good sugar detox because of it.

I went to the Sao Paulo temple today!!!!! It’s so beautiful. I wish I could send pics. :) [*They can’t upload pics while they are at the CTM for some reason. Maybe because they have a very limited time at the computer?]

Alex-I’m sending a letter to you today… I wonder when you’ll get it…..  Mom!  I got your letter and I loved it!  It was so comforting to see your handwriting (weirdly.) Please keep sending more physical letters, cause we are starved for news of family and friends on regular days of the week.

I literally spent 45 minutes of activity time juggling the soccer ball with a bunch of Hispanics.  This is the life! For reals. I love it here.  Everyone should serve a mission because it’s so dang much fun! Sorry for the lack of spirituality this week! The church is true. Keep the faith. I love y’all!

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