Missionary Life in Porto Alegre

We went to the temple this week with Nelci (recent convert) and Paulo (investigator). They really loved seeing the temple. We taught them a lesson about Eternal Marriage inside the visiting center of the temple. It was super cool and spiritual. We are working really hard to try and baptize Paulo. He is a batukeiro (like espiritismo…african religion that has lots of different rituals and other things.) He knows that he needs the gospel in his life, he just has to make a decision to be baptized and quit smoking. He is really amazing and his wife (Nelci) is such an example for him. I want to see them sealed in the temple together one day!!!

This is the child of our ‘elect couple’ (Carla and Fernando). His name is Teodoro and he has a big sister as well. This family is absolutely amazing! Right now we are just waiting for the day of the marriage to arrive…unfortunately there is a mandatory 20 day waiting period. They keep progressing every day and are the very best investigators that I have ever had.

This is a photo with all of my companions all at the same time! (except my mother- Sister T. who has already passed away on the mission). Haha! Sister G., Sister Q, Sister J.L., me, Sister L., and Sister A.O.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was so cool to see them all together at the same time. I am grateful to God for the time that I spent with each and every one of them. They are truly special daughters of God. They are defenders of the truth with testimonies that shine like rubies.

We had a conference where we were able to hear from Elder Aidukaitis of the seventy. The whole mission gathered in Porto Alegre to here him speak about how we should be more obedient and how we can and should better our planning methods. Elder Aidukaitis is a really inspired man. Through his testimony of Jesus Christ it seemed to me like he had seen God before. Wow. Powerful. I hope to develop a testimony of that magnitude one day. Jesus really is the reedemer of mankind and my personal savior. So cool.

Our last zone picture!


Churrasco at the stake presidents house!!!!

My companion is really funny. I just had to include this one. Hahaha!

Us eating pizza!!!!

The pizza gigantic