All Is Well in Porto Alegre

Today we went down to the ‘carteira’ with the elect family (Fernando and Carla and their cute children) to mark the date of the marriage! We will be the witnesses. It was really cool and we took a mini-trip into the Porto Alegre North mission to accomplish this with them. They are so amazing! They are a gift from God to us sister missionaries. They are the ideal family that every missionary wants to baptize. I am so grateful for them. They already have such firm testimonies in the restored gospel. For example: I watched Fernando grabbed the tithing slip this last Sunday… and he and his wife are going to show up this Saturday to clean the chapel. I mean, they aren’t even members yet!

So the stake president of the Partenon Stake spoke with our mission president about the stake’s earnest desire to split up. (To become two different stakes instead of one because right now there are 9 whole wards in this stake). So President Cruz has given this new initiative to each set of missionaries within the zone to baptize three men in one and a half months. We are all super excited about this new goal that we have to divide the stake. We are pulling out all the stops and I know that this will happen!

To help with this, they called three new sister missionaries to help in the Cefer ward (our ward). The role of these sisters is to work only with less actives and help rescue members that are afasted (?) from the truth. These sisters now live with us, which makes our lovely home a whole lot more cramped (but that’s another story.) All in all, the zone is super psyched about the work that we have ahead of us and super focused on this new goal. I hope that everything goes well.

So this week we had one day that turned out to be super lame (like it rained and we found no one at home, nor was there anyone in the streets to talk to.) However we continued working all day that day even though it seemed like we found absolutely no one to teach. We kept walking to and fro without people to teach. However that very night I read about patience and how we need to be patient with the Lord’s timing in all that we do. We have to accept all trials because they are for our benefit.

Well we decided to be more patient and the Lord rewarded us the next couple days when we were able to find several families to teach, along with a seriously elect man named Voldney. Voldney accepted baptism (in reality most people do on the first invitation.) He accepted baptism with all of his heart after we taught him about the Restoration. Even when we started teaching him I envisioned him dressed in the white baptismal clothes. Thank goodness he does not work on Sundays so that he can come to church!!! Woohoo!

Anyway it’s been a great week. I love you all and miss you all very much. Ciao!

-Sister Jessop