Working hard and moving

This week has been extremely busy and way fun.

I got to go to the temple for the first time in Porto Alegre! It had been a rather long 9 months since I had last gone to the temple (I think it was the longest time away from the temple since I got my recommend with twelve years old.) It was absolutely wonderful! The temple is so beautiful- inside and out.

There is such a peace and serenity that emanates from the temple. When I went there to do endowments it felt like I was coming home after a long journey away. The spirit was really strong during the session. I am so grateful for temples sprawled all around the world. They are an amazing blessing for the members of the church. And they are such a blessing for all of the people that are waiting beyond the veil to accept these saving ordinances.

This week we worked our tails off! We have some pretty great progressing investigators and we’re hoping that they will soon get baptized. We have tried talking to absolutely everyone that we find about the gospel- people in the streets, people working, people doing goodness knows what.

Anyway we are teaching a bunch of mini-lessons and inviting basically everyone to come unto Christ. This is our great purpose as missionaries, to “Invite others to come unto Christ.” I feel like by talking with absolutely everyone, we are becoming better representatives of Jesus Christ. After all, Jesus would never pass anyone by. He gives a chance to everyone. A chance to repent. A chance to believe. A chance to accept the gospel. And really He gives a chance to absolutely EVERYONE to come unto Him through his wonderful atonement.

So this week we will be moving into the area. Halleluliah! We have been spending a whole lot of money on the bus these past weeks living far away from the area. So I have heard that the apartment is brand stinkin’ new. Cool! I’ve heard that there is a gym, a fireplace, and a pool (which we of course cannot us.) However it sounds like we will have the most chic apartment ever! :) We are super excited to move.

Have a good week y’all!

-Sister Jessop