Porto Alegre with new filha

This week has been really great, although it rained every single day here in Porto Alegre. It’s just a lot of liquid. Wow! I wake up every morning with wicked sweet lightning bolts striking down every 30 seconds and loud thunder cracks . It’s pretty cool and different.

Well this week we have been trying to work a lot with less actives and with members of the church (getting references and everything). All of the members are rather excited that we’re here because it’s been about 5-6 years since they last had Sister missionaries. I hope that we can continue working well with the the members because the work goes so much more smoothly.

We had interviews with President Cruz this week as well and I was able to get to know him better. He spoke to me a little bit about how he did this last transfer. Immediately when he arrived in the field, he had to make the transfer. He told me that he fasted and prayed for inspiration and with a limited knowledge of the missionaries he made the transfer. He said that when he was looking at the board of our pictures he chose the five sisters who would be training the newbies and he felt distinctly that I was supposed to train. :) I am so grateful for this opportunity to train Sister Q. She is absolutely amazing. I couldn’t ask for a better filha. :) She is everything that I want to be and we are really rockin’ it here in the Céfer ward together.

So we had a lesson with Lucimara (who is pregnant) this last week and we were trying to figure out if she was able to receive an answer to her prayers about the Book of Mormon. She said that she felt that she hadn’t, but later on in the lesson she confessed that she had dreamed of the day of her baptism all dressed in white. Wow! This certainly was a great answer to her prayer. She then got really excited about her baptism (she even got goose bumps). However she must first get married (which is difficult because she lives in very humble circumstances.) We’ll have to discuss this with the Ward mission leader.

Anyway this last Sunday we took the bus, during a rainstorm, to pick her up to come to church with us. Sadly, she did not answer the door/wasn’t able to come. We then took a bus to reach the church, however without meaning to, we picked the wrong bus and went in the completely wrong direction through a maze of jungle growth. We then had to take another bus to finally reach the chapel. The transit here in Porto Alegre is just crazy!

My companion, Sister Q. is progressing very well with the short time that she has here in the field. She applies everything that we study together during the training and is super apt at teaching and sharing the gospel. We’re getting along really well. The following p-day we will move into our brand new apartment together (halelluiah!)

It’s been another good week. I am seeing more and more little miracles happen out here as the time goes by. My testimony of Jesus Christ is being strenghthened every single day as I see Him work miracles in my life and in the lives of others. He really is our Savior and Redeemer. All those who come unto Him with a humble, repentant heart can be changed. I really truly believe in this. God has given me a wonderful chance here on the mission and I’m extremely grateful for his mercy in my life.

-Sister Jessop