She’s in Porto Alegre!

I arrived in Porto Alegre! Woohoo! I’m certainly not in Kansas anymore. Wow. Porto Alegre is very different from Bagé. There are way more people here than in Bagé. Last monday I had to say goodbye to everyone in Bagé which was extremely bittersweet. I then received my filha (daughter or junior companion) on Tuesday at the desk and we were off that very night to our new area.

The ward is called Céfer in Zone Partenon. The members are super helpful and just about everyone in the ward was willing to help us get to know the area better. I am super excited to work my tail off here in Porto Alegre. It’ll be one of my best experiences yet! So my companion is Sister Q. from São Paulo. She is super great. She is hard working, bold, and really nice. I’m so grateful to have her as my companion. My prayers have definitely been answered on this one. She is a blessing to me, to the ward and to the mission.

So unfortunately we are currently not living within the boundaries of our working area. We are living in Nonoai which is about twenty minutes away via onibus (bus). The mission is trying to rent a place within the area that is super cheap, and I hope that we can move there soon because taking the bus so many times per day is really expensive! But it is also cool to live in Nonoai right now because I am living with two other sisters- Sister T. and Sister L. (my old companion!!) It is pretty legit.

So when we arrived here we immediately tried to get our hands on the area book. We subsequently found an old investigator of the Elders’ that had been taught eveything and only lacked a baptismal date. So then we found the address of her house and met this sweet little lady Nelci. She is 65 years old and lives with her husband Paulo. She is absolutely amazing. She’s been going to church for a little over four months and was super ready to be baptized. We then marked the baptismal date with her for the eighteenth of July (this upcoming Saturday). Everything was going smoothly. We announced the baptism in the sacrament meeting, handed out invitations to the members and even printed out the agenda for the day of the baptism. Well that very same Sunday we ate lunch at Nelci’s hous and found out that she is not in fact married. Hahahaha. Can you believe that she is living with her ex-husband? The had gotten married, split up, divorced, and then gotten back together. Well the good news is that she wants to be baptised so bad that she’s willing to do whatever it takes- even if it means re-marrying her ex-husband that she’s living with. This just means that it’ll take about twenty-ish days until she can be baptised due to the delay of getting married by the law. It’ll be really amazing when the day of her baptism arrives.

Anyway everything is absolutely great her in Porto Alegre South Mission!!

-Sister Jessop