So this week we worked really closely with our investigator Lúcia. She is progressing extremely well and I pray and hope that she will be baptized this week before I am transfered out of Bagé (which very likely will happen because I have been here for 5 whole months of my mission). This week we met with her three different times. We had a lesson with Irmã Nair which went really well because they hit it off super well. They have a lot in common (they both take care of their sickly mothers). It is really important that the members develop friendships with the people in the ward because it is the ward that will help them stay firm in the gospel. We also had a lesson with the bishop and his wife present. It was really awesome to see them bearing their testimonies about the commandments we were teaching her. Lessons with members present makes missionary work so much more productive and so much more enjoyable! This ward gets so excited when there is a baptism. I think that everyone in the ward just fell in love with Lúcia when she started coming to church with us. After all, she is so likable and friendly. What’s not to like about her?

This week we said goodbye to two different Elders that are returning home. My district leader (Elder Pexton), as well as well as my zone leader (Elder Wagley). It was bittersweet. They both served honorable missions and were great missionaries and great friends.

Transfer is next week and the new President Cruz will be entering the stage here in Porto Alegre Sul mission! I wonder where I will be serving next. There is a slim chance that I will stay…but we shall see what will happen. Bagé is treating me really well. Don’t worry about me. :)

I love y’all.

-Sister Jessop