Festa Junina

This week we had a pretty cool activity in the ward called a “Festa Junina.” The translation is literally “June Parties.” It is a pretty cool tradition here in Brazil to throw a ‘June party’ during the months of June and July. Everyone dresses up like hicks (or kind of like farmers…I’m not really sure) and there is grape cider (quentão,) lots of popcorn, and lots of peanut-related snacks (like rapadura, pé de moleque, etc.). There is also a traditional dance as well. Well Sister O. and I invited a whole bunch of our investigator to the party and we were really blessed to have a lot of them show up. Our golden investigator, Lucia came to the party and even brought her niece and her niece’s family. We also picked up Toninho (11 year old investigator) to come with us to the activity. His mom and sisteres were not able to come, but he sure seemed to like it a lot. There was a ‘pescaria’ (kind of like a lottery) and Toninho won like four times!

Overall the activity was a smash hit with lots of laughter and lots of opportunities for the members to bond with our investigators. It was great!

Anyway I love you all very much. I hope you are all enjoying the heat back at home because around here it’s dropping down below freezing. Haha. I wake up with frost on all of the windows. :) Tchau! Beijão para todo mundo!

-Sister Jessop