8 Months in Brazil

You guys all are looking so good! I am so stinkin’ jealous that y’all went to Moab. Seriously. Wow. Just a heads up: Y’all should start planning the Moab trip following my return from the mission field right now. Let’s just say that this trip will top all of the others. :) haha Ba! I miss y’all so much!

So this week we did a cool service project for an Irmã in the ward. We made rapadura with her as part of her ‘home employment.’ There are a lot of women here in Bagé (and in all of Brasil) that make goods (food or otherwise) to sell on the side. Rapadura is kind of like fudge. It is semi-hard and sweet to taste. It requires only milk and sugar (and a few other things I forgot). It sits on the stove for 2ish hours and has to be constatnly stirred (so as not to burnon the bottom). Now this Irmã (female member in the ward) has an injured arm, which incapacitates her from stirring for such a long time. So sister Lat. and I stirred for her and helped her out. It’s pretty cool. I’ll have to take a picture the next time we do it.

We also had a Family Home Evening with some less actives in the ward on Monday. They are super cool family: Alemão/Sergio(dad), Claudette(mom), Fabiane(pregnant daughter), and Junior(16 year old punk..hehe). We came up with a pretty cool interactive message to give during the FHE. We hid and then had them look for easter eggs inside of their house. In each easter egg was a question that they had to answer (questions about the day of their baptism, how they exercised their faith daily, what repentance means, etc.) The FHE went really well because I think that all of the questions really helped them to remember why they got baptized and the importance of living the gospel. They all seemed to like it pretty well. And this last Sunday we returned there to see how Claudette was doing (because she was goining to have to have a heart scan for problems). We then found out that Fabiane had just had her little one in the hospital! She gave birth to little Pedro. I can’t wait to see him.

Sister L. and I have been getting along much better lately. I have really enjoyed being her companion. She is an amazing young woman.

Anyway I really love it here in Bagé. Have a good one. :)

-Sister Jessop