This is the longest summer of my whole life! I left Utah when the summer was just ending and I arrived in Brazil when the summer was just beginning. In other words, I´ve had what seems like 9 straight months of summer. I absolutely love summer and I never would have thought that I could get tired of it… but man! I need a little bit of winter! I am dying out here in the heat. Seriously. Thank goodness- the ´fall season´ starts here on the 20th of this month. If I stick around in Bagé it sounds like I´ll actually get cold down here. (Bagé is known for it´s extremely hot summers and extremely cold winters.) I couldn´t be more excited to feel the cold once again. For the moment, the only cold I feel is occasionally during the night sleeping, or every morning that I take a freezing cold shower (yes- our shower is broken.)

This week has been rather difficult- I´m not gonna lie. I seem to have lost a little motivation for the work. Maybe it´s the heat, maybe it´s my companion, or maybe it´s just me and my attitude. But whatever it is, I´m in a funk. I need to get back in the rhythm, get back to my purpose as a missionary.

Also- remember that cool family that we were teaching? Well we just discovered that the parents are not in fact married. This makes things a lot more complicated for them to get baptized. This is just what I don´t understand: they have two kids together and have seen each other through thick and thin for eight whole years- and they are not married to one another. WHAT?!

On another note- this week we finally managed to find Seu Vaulter in his home. He has come to church four times now on his own and had voiced his desire to be baptized without ever having a lesson from us missionaries. We finally managed to find him in his house and teach the Restoration to him and mark a baptismal date. He is a really cute/cool old man. I’m excited to see him progress in the gospel. I know that this gospel really changes lives and is a great blessing.

-Sister Jessop