So we just received the news about the transfers and I get to stay here in Bagé! I love Bagé – truly. But I am a little anxious about staying on with Sister L. The friendship was running a little thin during this last transfer. I really hope and pray that this time around it will be better and we can learn to love each other as a companionship.

This week we took that family (Isabel and Luiz) to watch a baptism take place. They seemed to like it pretty well.

This week our power went out in our apartment so the mission secretary suggested that we stay in a hotel for a couple days. Of course we decided to take advantage of the chance at air conditioning so we slept at Hotel Ibagé for three nights. It was one of the most gratifying experiences ever to stay the night there! We got to sleep in air conditioning and have warm showers with powerful showerheads. Not to mention that the maids cleaned up after us when we left so that we always came home to a clean room. I forgot how much I really enjoyed these simplicities of life.

The mission is definitely a roller coaster. I have learned so much already and I have a year to go out here in Brazil. This experience is changing my life. I have become way more grateful and I give more value to simple activities. I can see how important the gospel really is and how much we need it in our lives. I hope that all of you are doing great.

God bless y’all!

-Sister Jessop