Teaching Families

This week has been strangely difficult, but yet very rewarding. I know that the Lord is helping us every step of the way. (*I wish she’d tell us about the difficult part!)

So a couple of weeks ago we found a really sweet family and started teaching them. Initially we just offered to say a prayer in their home to bless their family. Later we returned and shared the third lesson (O Evangelho de Jesus Cristo) in Preach my Gospel. It was during this lesson that the mother (Isabel) admitted that a few days before we knocked on her door she had been hoping and thinking about calling someone to pray in her home. She got really emotional when she said this and said that it was an answer from God. This was just the beginning.

In further lessons we explained the plan of salvation and explained about eternal families and temples. They were super interested and value their family a whole bunch.

Oddly enough the ‘last’ message to share with them was about the Restoration of the Gospel. When we returned to see how their reading of the Book of Mormon went they told us of the wonderful experiences they had while reading. Sister L asked Isabel (the mom) “And how did you feel while you were reading and praying?” She answered, “Honestly? I felt a relief!”

They had received an answer to their prayers confirming to them that the Book of Mormon is true! Their baptismal date is scheduled for the end of this month. I hope and pray that everything goes well with this family. They are so very special.

Have a good week y’all!

-Sister Jessop