Working Hard

So here in Brazil there is a thing called civil union. (I think it exists in the US too.) A civil union here in Brazil gives a couple the exact same rights and benifits that a marriage license would. To make a civil union with another person costs close to nothing to make. With a civil union you can be married to various people (independent of sex) and you have no sort of obligation (legal or otherwise) to that other person. To be baptized and become a member of the church you must be legally married (which is a rather difficult process with money involved). Well this week we taught several couples that are in civil unions with one another and let me tell you- it is difficult!

The humidity here is great. My only complaint is when I get home really sweaty and sleep in my hot sweat. Actually another complaint is when things get moldy. Just about anything that gets a smidgen of water on it will start getting moldy if the water stays. For example, my face wipes are starting to smell a little funny. Ick. It´s a little odd.

Sister JL´s foot has started to hurt really bad. (She had tendinitus or something…in the FOOT). This has really slowed down the pace of our work. It´s also slowed down our walking pace. Wow. I never knew that I could walk so slowly. But she is still working like a champ!

Otherwise the work is good. Love you!
-Sister Jessop