I am being transfered to Bagé! I absolutely cannot believe it though, because I have heard that Bagé is one of the hottest places to be at during the summer. Wow. I am going to roast and pop like popcorn there. I will gain a different Brazilian companion (Sister L.) From the very begining of my mission, I always asked God to give me Brazilian companions to help me learn the language fastest. Well my prayers are certainly being answered, because Sister L will be my third Brazilian companion!

I am a little bittersweet about leaving this area however. The members here are amazing and hardworking, and our investigators were progressing really well too… However I am extremely excited to have a new start in a new area with a new companion. The mission is all about learning. As a missionary, you have hundreds of conversations, you make a thousand mistakes and you learn a trillion ways to improve and adapt. I am glad to have a clean slate and leave some of my old bad habits behind. I will make this transfer the best transfer yet! I´m not saying that I regret my work in Rio Grande, but I am ever grateful for the opportunity to keep improving and keep changing.

The Lord makes us uncomfortable in many instances; whether it be stressful/new callings in the church, a new home, new friends, an extra difficult class at school, a tough coach, or elevated pressure at the work. All of these are opportunities for growth. The Lord stretches us to allow us to grow. He expects us to rely on him and try our very hardest to make the best of every opportunity. Sincerely, if we rely on the Lord (independent of whatever type of hardship, difficulty or stress) and work our tails off anything is possible. We can work miracles in every aspect of our lives if we trust in God and His judgement. But we musn´t become discoraged when the Lord chastens us or humbles us. Often times things do not turn out the way we want, but that only means that there is a better route and God can help show us the right way.

Bagé is this new opportunity for me. I can´t wait to arrive there and give it my all.

The church is true, and Jesus Christ is ever present in our lives. Have an amazing week y’all!!

-Sister Jessop