The Miracle of Fasting

This week has been really fantastic! We experienced a number of small miracles. Since last week we found a whole bunch of new investigators, this week our goal was to mark baptisms with these people and find out who among these people is really prepared to accept baptism. In other words, this week we searched for those who are the “Lord´s elect.” D&C 29:7 says, “for mine elect hear my voice and harden not their hearts.”

So last Sunday was Fast Sunday and here in Brazil they fast for dinner (the Saturday night before) and breakfast the following Sunday morning. They fast this way so that they do not miss out on lunch (which is the biggest meal of the day here). Before coming on the mission, I admit that I did not fast very well. I think I did the ‘lazy fast’ often times. The ‘lazy fast’ includes things such as chewing gum or eating mints during fasting, only fasting for breakfast, or not praying to start a fast (which basically just means you go hungry for a space of time). Well out here I learned how to REALLY fast.

So this past fast Sunday Sister L and I decided to fast so that we could find and be guided to the Lord´s elect. Our fast was answered the following Tuesday.

On Tuesday we decided to work in a residential block which has a bunch of houses lined up one next to the other. We had some appointments set up there, but evidently the people forgot about it because they were not at home. We decided to knock on doors instead. As we were walking around Sister L kept telling me a number: 235. I was a little confused until she guided us to door number 235. We knocked there and a woman named Claudia answered the door and the first thing she said was “Do you want to come in? You´re the Sisters right?” She was extremely receptive and we found out that Claudia had a sister that was a member and that she had known about the church for some time. I thought Sister L certainly felt guided to this door for a reason.

We then taught her about the Restoration. I have never felt the Spirit in the same way before the meeting we had with Claudia. I felt the Spirit helping me a lot during that lesson. I felt prompted to say certain things to her while teaching, and I felt prompted to invite her to follow Jesus Christ by being baptized rather out of the blue. She accepted the baptismal invite and her very next questions were “Where?” and “When?” She is definitely an elect of the Lord. She has been prepared to hear the restored gospel.

I know that the Lord is helping me in this work. He truly guides missionary work. I am so grateful for this experience and I am so grateful for the power of fasting. It is real. You really can receive personal revalation, and peace when you fast the right way. I invite all of you to start making fasting more meaningful.

-Sister Jessop