Sister T. has just been transferred away from me. Man, I am so doggon sad about it. She is literally one of my best friends and now I have no idea when I will see her again…. it could be years away after all because she is returning to Brasilia after this next transfer. I didn´t think that we would or could ever get this close but I have learned so much being with her. She is so spirited and amazing it´s hard to describe. In reality we have very similar personalities (snarky, unbegrudging, intelligent, pensive, joking, altogether happy souls.) I think that this is primarily why we fought in the beggining as well (we were too similar.)

However I knew it couldn´t last – she could not be my companion forever. And now I have to teach my new companion (who doesn´t speak a lick of English) where everything is in the city, which scares me a whole ton! I feel inadequate with the language, the doctrinal knowledge, and the layout of this area without Sister T. However I know that it´ll all work out fine in the end. In the words of Justin Beiber `Everything´s gonna be alri….ai…ai.ght. Be alright.` (that one´s for you Alex 😉

Heavenly Father certainly knows what he´s doing here. First, He gave me Sister T. to help me really get the spirit of the mission field among other things that I never even imagine I lacked. I have really learned not to stress about the minor things and also how you can show love for those you serve and work with. Now God is giving me another learning opportunity. He is giving me an even greater chance to learn and grow with this new challenge of helping my new companion learn the area.

So this week we had a division with the Sister Leader Trainers. A different Sister T. (from Texas who will be going to BYU in the winter semester) decided to stay with me here in the area Junção. The division helped me see that I was pretty prepared for the transfer because I realize that I know the roads pretty well.

That same day that I did divisions, I took three baths. Okay so not literally three baths in the shower. I took one shower in the morning to get ready for the day (y´know- don´t want to be a dirty, smelly and gross missionary!) I took a second bath in sweat the moment I walked out the door of our apartment (man is is hot here sometimes!) And the third bath happened when we were returning back home after our day’s work. A crazy tempest struck and, my goodness gracious!… I have never experienced such wind (nor such a sheer amount of water) in all of my life. It was so crazy, but we did make it home safely. Please give a big THANK YOU to Jeremy and Angela for this waterproof bag they got me. It saved my life that day as it has done so in many other instances here on the mission.

The latest baptism that Sister T. and I had went off without a hitch. Needless to say Alonso is a rock-star and his family is nothing but supportive. I love the mission!

I´m so jelly that the Christian Butler family is staying at our house for Christmas! That´s so super cool.

I love you all dearly and I wish you the absolute best this Christmas season! I cannot wait to talk with all of you folks. 😉 😉 😉

-Sister Jessop