Life and times

This week was a roller coaster! The baptism we had planned for last Saturday fell through big time. Wow. Needless to say there was another woman involved in his life. However we have a baptism for this week that I am so excited about. This kid Alonso is seriously cool. He is way zoned into the gospel. He is reading in Mosiah already in the Book of Mormon and he attends every single church meeting possible. Seriously. He is certainly an elect person. This week for example, we tried to find him in his house several different times to teach him a lesson (because his baptism is fast approaching!) but he was always gone for various reasons. However Sister T. and I didn´t fret because we knew he´d always be there on Sunday morning for church. He is super dedicated. He is just the type of kid that drinks in information about the gospel. He’s a sponge. I just love working with people that just click with the gospel and understand it so well. I really hope he has the opportunity to serve a mission someday- along with the other young men we have baptized already.

Speaking of which, my first baptism (Lenon)- went to the temple in Porto Alegre with a youth group to do baptisms for the dead. So cool! Lenon is reading Preach my Gospel, participating in all the activities, and bringing friends to church. He is a missionary´s dream! I hope that I can find more people like him in the future. People that are already prepared (or preparing) to receive the restored gospel.

How come no one told me what went down on Katy´s birthday?! I need details people… There better have been a party involved. 😛

I have not received any of the packages yet. They have likely arrived at the mission home though. The problem is that I have to wait for the next time that the Zone Leaders go up to Porto Alegre to retrieve them. They carry all of the packages and letters down here from Porto Alegre. I think that I´ll only be able to receive everything in a number of weeks. I can´t wait though!

Transfers are next week. (As in we find out next Monday what will happen). This next transfer decides weather or not I will stay with Sister T. This next transfer will be her last transfer ever! And then she goes back to Brasília to study Chemistry and what-not. Man I´m gonna miss her. My ´new mother´ (my trainer) is leaving me.

In reference to Mr. Davis and Owen – oh man! I feel for you here in Brazil. It is especially sad when people die so close to Christmas. Give Katy a big hug from me and Stix and her family also. ;(

My invitation to you all is to reach out in service during this holiday season. I recently spent an big chunk of time cleaning a very dirty house for a member. Serving really brings you closer to God and allows you to just forget yourself and all of your troubles. I know that people in the ward (whichever ward you may be in) are in need of some type of service. And if you ask and they say they´re not…well then you´ll just have to make cookies for them instead. Christ is our example this holiday season. He gave His whole entire life serving us. Use this holiday season to show the love you have for Christ and for God´s children by serving.

Thanks for all of the support that you give me here on the mission. I know that it is a really busy time of year so thanks for taking the time to email me. I love you to the moon and back. 😉 You are in my prayers.

-Sister Jessop