Baptisms and not getting enough sleep

This week we had a meeting with Elder Morôni Torgan of the Seventy. Man, it was super legit. He has a serious fire in the belly. He called each and every one of us to repentance hardcore. He certainly singed our behinds. The term ´fubeca´ is used for disobedient missionaries, and at one point he called us ´fubecas´ burros (which means asses…except that it´s not a swear word in Portuguese). He also spoke a lot about the atonement and all that Jesus Christ went through to allow us to repent of our sins. He really motivated me to be a better missionary. We all have weaknesses and we all commit errors, but the atonement of Jesus Christ will always be there to cure us of our heartache, our pains, and our afflictions. Jesus is the Christ!

The kid in the West Side Story got baptized this week!!! All of the issues resolved themselves (more or less), and he still had the desire to get baptized. Although he was extremely nervous before the baptism, I could definitely see a difference in his countenance after he emerged from the water. He was seriously so happy and just calm. It was a testimony to me of how the Spirit really works in people´s lives.


I really hope that his mother (who attended the baptism) has the desire in the future to hear more about our messages. She is into african religion stuff (Batuki). Because of this her son and husband both agreed that she would be very difficult to work with on the subject of religion. However she looked really moved during the baptism of her son. Fingers crossed! (Or rather arms folded and knees bent in prayer! Haha)

So of course all missionaries learn things on the mission. Well my testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ has strengthened so much since this whirlwind of a trip began. However I have also obtained a testimony of getting enough sleep. (Tangent!) One night this last week we had to take a trip late at night to another area (of sisters) and pick them up to have a sleepover in our condominium. The following morning we woke up early to travel to Pelotas. Needless to say, we got around 3 hours of sleep. Let me tell you- my body doesn´t function well on 3 hours of sleep. My companion and I suffered for 3 days straight from that one night’s lack of sleep! We´ve been extra irritable and overall just less effective. So my advice is- go to bed at a decent hour!!! It´ll save your life..

I love you all to the moon and back. Please excuse the randomness of this email. All is well in Rio Grande. I hope you celebrate Katy´s birthday like there´s no tomorrow!

-Sister Jessop