Allergies and real life West Side Story

(Mom’s note: Oh Lizzy!)

This week we had to go to the dermatologist for Sister T because she developed a hideous rash of some sort (just kidding- it´s not that hideous…it´s only mildly disgusting.) The determatologist thinks that it´s some sort of tree down here that´s causing the skin reaction (Aroera maybe?) Of course, I didn´t believe it and I jokingly passed several different tree leaves along her arm the other day and guess what happened….? More little bumps started to appear on her arm where I had passed the leaves. Ba! I´m brilliant… Well it´s okay though because now she has some sort of cream to help her skin and we have narrowed the poisonous tree down to one of just a few options. 😉

Also this week I had a West Side Story moment. We visited one of our investigators (a 14 year old) who was planning on being baptized this Saturday and we brought along a less active 11-year-old in the ward. No sooner had we walked up to his house when our investigator pinned the less active kid to a wall. Sister T and I were extremely confused! The younger kid walked off crying and while we were questioning our investigator about the motive for such a rash action, the kid returned with 5 buddies! It was so scary! It was straight out of West Side Story. Just imagine a gang of young hoodlums lumbering towards you with BB gun-type weapons. Our investigator then got set-up to fight with the biggest guy in the group. Meanwhile, the mother of the investigator was getting up in everyone´s business. Initially I thought that she was trying to break up the fight, but it turns out that she was cheering her son on – shouting ´Macho!…etc.´´ Goodness – I was so confused. Thankfully my wonderful companion realized what was going on and broke up the fight. Yes, you heard that correctly- my companion (a sister missionary) stopped the fight. Wow. We are certainly not in Kansas anymore. We´re not so sure about how his baptism is going to go now.

We´ve had some more miracles this week. Really- every day I see the hand of the Lord working miracles in my life and in the lives of our investigators.

Mom- You have to invite the missinaries over for dinner. It is so fun eating at member´s houses and I think that the boys would really like it. And they´d learn a lot from real missionaries. Please?!

I love you all and I hope you have the very best Thanksgiving without me!!! I´ll certainly be missing all of that wonderful pie! This Thanksgiving I´ll be in Pelotas for another mission wide meeting with member of the Seventy. Pretty cool!

-Sister Jessop