So this week we worked really closely with our investigator Lúcia. She is progressing extremely well and I pray and hope that she will be baptized this week before I am transfered out of Bagé (which very likely will happen because I have been here for 5 whole months of my mission). This week we met with her three different times. We had a lesson with Irmã Nair which went really well because they hit it off super well. They have a lot in common (they both take care of their sickly mothers). It is really important that the members develop friendships with the people in the ward because it is the ward that will help them stay firm in the gospel. We also had a lesson with the bishop and his wife present. It was really awesome to see them bearing their testimonies about the commandments we were teaching her. Lessons with members present makes missionary work so much more productive and so much more enjoyable! This ward gets so excited when there is a baptism. I think that everyone in the ward just fell in love with Lúcia when she started coming to church with us. After all, she is so likable and friendly. What’s not to like about her?

This week we said goodbye to two different Elders that are returning home. My district leader (Elder Pexton), as well as well as my zone leader (Elder Wagley). It was bittersweet. They both served honorable missions and were great missionaries and great friends.

Transfer is next week and the new President Cruz will be entering the stage here in Porto Alegre Sul mission! I wonder where I will be serving next. There is a slim chance that I will stay…but we shall see what will happen. Bagé is treating me really well. Don’t worry about me. :)

I love y’all.

-Sister Jessop

Festa Junina

This week we had a pretty cool activity in the ward called a “Festa Junina.” The translation is literally “June Parties.” It is a pretty cool tradition here in Brazil to throw a ‘June party’ during the months of June and July. Everyone dresses up like hicks (or kind of like farmers…I’m not really sure) and there is grape cider (quentão,) lots of popcorn, and lots of peanut-related snacks (like rapadura, pé de moleque, etc.). There is also a traditional dance as well. Well Sister O. and I invited a whole bunch of our investigator to the party and we were really blessed to have a lot of them show up. Our golden investigator, Lucia came to the party and even brought her niece and her niece’s family. We also picked up Toninho (11 year old investigator) to come with us to the activity. His mom and sisteres were not able to come, but he sure seemed to like it a lot. There was a ‘pescaria’ (kind of like a lottery) and Toninho won like four times!

Overall the activity was a smash hit with lots of laughter and lots of opportunities for the members to bond with our investigators. It was great!

Anyway I love you all very much. I hope you are all enjoying the heat back at home because around here it’s dropping down below freezing. Haha. I wake up with frost on all of the windows. :) Tchau! Beijão para todo mundo!

-Sister Jessop

Birthday treats!

This week was absolutely great.    This week I passed my birthday in three different places.  I was priviledged enough to taste several different b-day cakes.  All I can say is that there are some really amazing members out here in Bagé.  Wow.  :)

I loved the video the family sent me!  The sound didn’t work but it was wonderful to see all your happy smiling faces singing me “Happy Birthday!”

Well, you would not believe it- my birthday package arrived exactly on the day of my birthday!!  Our Sister Trainer Leaders came to spend the night in our apartment on June 9th and brought with them the mail from Porto Alegre.  So I recieved my package exactly on the day of my birthday.  It made me so flippin’ happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  You have noooo idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I loved the oreos, PB, decorations, absolutely everything! Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou sooooooo MUCH!

So Lucia is progressing very well.  She went to church this last Sunday (again) and liked it a lot.  She also appreciated that she recognized a number of people there.  She seems pretty determined to quit drinking coffee and start living the Word of Wisdom.  This is just a step on the road to baptism.  I’m so happy for her. :)  She is an excellent investigator.  I love missionary work!

I love you so very much.  Thank you so much for being so dedicated in mailing me emails.

Have a good week!

S. Jessop

Interview with el Presidente

This week has been absolutely wonderful. This week we had interviews with President Castro. I love interviews with Presidente. They are an amazing opportunity to get inspiration as if it were directly from God himself. President Castro has an amazing love for all of us missionaries. Seriously. When he talks to you he emanates love, and peace. He truly is a man of God. President Castro is an extremely spiritual man. We also had the opportunity to say farewell to President and Sister Castro this week because they will be leaving at the end of this month back to their own homes and their own lives. I am truly grateful to have met them. President and Sister Cruz will be our new ‘mission parents.’ They are from Rio de Janeiro.

So other than interviews, we decided to work close to the chapel this week. We found a number of families close to the chapel that we have started to teach. One lady that we found is super special (Lucia). Her work schedule is super crazy and she works just about every Sunday. However this last Sunday she was able to come to church in the afternoon rather than in the morning (during a sacrament session that is not part of our ward). She asked us to accompany her (as she didn’t know any of the Irmãos). As luck would happen, President and Sister Castro participated during the fast and testimony meeting. The testimonies born were really great, the spirit was so strong and overall it was an absolutely smashing meeting. It truly was a wonderful experience for her and I look forward to the day of her baptism. She is so special and has such a willing heart. Her baptism is marked for two weeks in the future. I hope and pray that she will be prepared for that day! The gospel truly does change people’s lives. One of my very favorite things is see the change that occurs when people come to know the truth and when they let the atonement work in their lives. Truly wonderful.