Update from Bagé

So the other day we won avocados (like 4 whole, giant, almost football sized avocados) from a random lady that has an avocado tree with bunches of avocados. We ate these numerous avocados in many different ways: with sugar, in an omelette, and in a smoothie. Well we shared one with Rosangela the other day and after that she said if we could she would like more for herself. So we were walking past this Avocado Lady’s house and she was sitting outside in a lawn chair. We then went up to her and had the courage to ask for a couple more avocados. She came out of her house with SIX more avocados and lemons for us. Wow. The people here in Bagé are so giving it is so wonderful to get to know people so generous. I am still looking forward to eating this bunch of avocados. They are not yet ripe enough to eat.

So the last p-day we had a big bike adventure. We borrowed one bike from a member (Elizeu) and decided to take a trip to Rosangela’s house. Rosangela is basically my mother here in Bagé. She is absolutely amazing. She is the mother of a member of almost one year. She always takes care of us Sisters. She is a hardcore smoker, however she has a heart of gold. She is one of the purest, most honest people that I have ever met. Anyway the other p-day Sister Oliv. biked alongside me while I ran to Rosangela’s house. It was pretty cool. It had been a long time since I tired myself out like that. Gosh darnit, I love running so much. I miss exercising so much, but every opportunity we have out here to exercise is so very valuable to me. However running at 6:30 seems more like I waking up at 3 AM to go running.

So we have this golden investigator (Dalmira) that has been to church several times and is really, REALLY searching for the truth. It seems like she is so ready to be baptized, however she is not married. This is her great stumbling block. Her husband is rather ‘cold’ to the church and is not very willing to get married anytime soon.

My companion. Sister O., is really super. She is really good at teaching and when she teaches it is with her whole heart. We get along super well, even though we get super trunky every once in a while. Now that the transfer has come and gone, I will stay with her for 6 more weeks here in Bagé! I have a feeling that miracles are to come in this next transfer. Just wait and see. :)