Cold in Bagé

My new companion is from Minas Gerais (another state in Brazil). She is actually shorter than me and is really quiet but super cute. Living with a completely new person always takes some getting used to, but I can tell that we are going to be really good friends. This week I had the wonderful experience of showing her around the area and everything. I think that my map skills are improving drastically out here on the mission- yeah it’s pretty cool. I wonder if these skills will ever be worth anything when I return home to the world of google maps and cell phones… I don’t think so. 😛

So this week really got a whole lot colder and I came to realize that I did not prepare for the winter of Brazil like I should have. I will have to buy boots, gloves, scarves, tights and a whole lot more to keep me happy during the winter time. BagĂ© is pretty darn cold. The other night I slept wearing a nightgown, pj bottoms, 2 shirts, 2 socks, and a sweater. haha. Yep it gets cold down here in Brazil. Who’d have thought?

So on Saturday we went knocking door to door, however we weren’t having that much luck. No one was letting us inside which was really letting our hopes up. Then finally a little old lady let us in her home. The second half of a soccer game was starting on television when we entered her house. We found out that there was a Grenal going on (a soccer team against the two rivaling soccer teams in the Rio Grande do Sul). We both thought “Ah..! That explains exactly why everyone was rejecting us.” Brazil and soccer. It’s intense. haha.

So we had a small victory this week. Remember that less active who was having trouble quitting smoking? Well when we visited her this week she had been off cigarettes for three whole days! I just about died of happiness. :) Seriously this is such good news for her because she will undergo a heart surgery soon and her daughter just brought a brand new baby home from the hospital. I’m so happy for her.

Have a good week folks! Thanks for all of the emails. Until next week! I love y’all.

-Sister Jessop

Staying in Bagé

So the news of this next transfer is that I will stay here in BagĂ© with a new companion Sister O. (I don’t know her). Sister L. will be transfered up to Porto Alegre. I am super psyched for another different learning experience with a new Sister. I will have to go up to Porto Alegre with Sister L. to pick up my new companion.

Sister L. and I grew to be really good friends this transfer. I am really grateful to have had this experience here with her in Bagé. We came to be really close friends with each other and the people in this area. I really hope that in the future we can continue with this friendship after the mish.

Sorry this email is so short today- things are a little crazy because of the changes that will be made in the area (the transfer).

-Sister Jessop

8 Months in Brazil

You guys all are looking so good! I am so stinkin’ jealous that y’all went to Moab. Seriously. Wow. Just a heads up: Y’all should start planning the Moab trip following my return from the mission field right now. Let’s just say that this trip will top all of the others. :) haha Ba! I miss y’all so much!

So this week we did a cool service project for an IrmĂŁ in the ward. We made rapadura with her as part of her ‘home employment.’ There are a lot of women here in BagĂ© (and in all of Brasil) that make goods (food or otherwise) to sell on the side. Rapadura is kind of like fudge. It is semi-hard and sweet to taste. It requires only milk and sugar (and a few other things I forgot). It sits on the stove for 2ish hours and has to be constatnly stirred (so as not to burnon the bottom). Now this IrmĂŁ (female member in the ward) has an injured arm, which incapacitates her from stirring for such a long time. So sister Lat. and I stirred for her and helped her out. It’s pretty cool. I’ll have to take a picture the next time we do it.

We also had a Family Home Evening with some less actives in the ward on Monday. They are super cool family: AlemĂŁo/Sergio(dad), Claudette(mom), Fabiane(pregnant daughter), and Junior(16 year old punk..hehe). We came up with a pretty cool interactive message to give during the FHE. We hid and then had them look for easter eggs inside of their house. In each easter egg was a question that they had to answer (questions about the day of their baptism, how they exercised their faith daily, what repentance means, etc.) The FHE went really well because I think that all of the questions really helped them to remember why they got baptized and the importance of living the gospel. They all seemed to like it pretty well. And this last Sunday we returned there to see how Claudette was doing (because she was goining to have to have a heart scan for problems). We then found out that Fabiane had just had her little one in the hospital! She gave birth to little Pedro. I can’t wait to see him.

Sister L. and I have been getting along much better lately. I have really enjoyed being her companion. She is an amazing young woman.

Anyway I really love it here in Bagé. Have a good one. :)

-Sister Jessop

General Conference Miracle

The general conference was so uplifting and inspiring. I hope that all of you enjoyed it.

So we have been teaching this one family for a while now. Isabel is the mom, Luiz the dad, and they have two children (one girl-LetĂ­cia and one boy-Litierry). They are really great. They really like all of the messages, they read the Book of Mormon and they pray about the things we teach them. They are really working on developing their testimonies. Isabel even admitted that we had been an answer to her personal prayer from the begining and that she felt a lot of peace and tranquility while reading the Book of Mormon. They were our golden investigators up until we found out that they were not actually legally married (as we had thought was the case for several weeks of teaching them). They have been together for over 12 years, raised two kids together, yet they have never said their vows to one another. In the following lessons we expressed the importance of marriage and eternal families. They were extremely receptive to the idea of eternal families (who wouldn’t be?), however they were not so receptive to the idea of marriage. They had already had previous issues with other ex-spouses and were not keen on marrying at the moment.

But a miracle happened this week because they were able to come watch the Saturday Morning General Conference Session in the chapel with us. It was absolutely the perfect session for them to have watched because there were three solid talks given about marriage, temples and eternal families. It was so great and inspired just perfectly for them. Tomorrow we will visit them and will find out if perhaps they have changed their minds and want to get married. Fingers crossed!!! I really hope that they were paying attention to the talks as well as the Spirit during the session! I hope and pray that this special family can be baptized one day. :)

With all my love,
Sister Jessop

The baptism of Valter (second one in on the left hand side) along with other baptisms from the Elders in our zone.