Weekly Update

This week we had a cool conference with the first presidency of the church and were greatly instructed. It was amazing to hear Elder Dallin H. Oaks, and other apostles speak to ALL of us missionaries at the same time. Very cool.

This week we gave a training for the new missionaries (the greenies) about contacts and how you have to speak with absolutely everyone that the Lord puts in your path. The following days we were able to put this in practice even more in our work and we invited a whole bunch of people to church and to hear our messages. I don’t know why (maybe it’s lack of faith on our part) but not very many people wholly accepted our invitation. Most of the people were like, ” Ya, yes, yes. I’ve already heard about your church (eye roll) I have my own religion. thanks….”. Very dry. However even so, there are always the elect few of the Lord that accept with happiness in the heart.

So the Bishop called a new LMA (ward mission leader) and he is super cool! His name is Inácio and is super willing to work with us and accompany us during the lessons and everythinig. I think that he’ll be a ward mission leader very present in the work and this will help us greatly to connect us more with the ward.

Anyways – I love you all! have a wonderful week!!!

-Sister Jessop

Another good hard week

So this week has passed very quickly. We had two exchanges and let’s just say it’s been hectic with travelling, working, etc. As far as Rosangela goes (the paralytic) we are watching more of the progress that she will make in the path to repentance until she can be baptized. She was not able to go to church yet but I have confidence that if and or when she moves to an ‘old folks care home’ it will be just that much easier for her to go to church.

The sun here is really angry. Can you all believe that today it will hit 100°?!? Wow…. And we walk in this humid heat every day… Honestly the Lord protects us every single day because I don’t know how I’ve made it this long in this sun without fainting yet.

Well I am really psyched with the baptisms we’ll have this week…or possibly the following if there’s a hiccup. We’ll see. We have some investigators seriouly interested and keeping the invitations. It is fantastic.

I wish you all a good week. tchau!

-Sister Jessop


So Cristina (who returned to church with her family is like super psyched about sharing the gospel) and thus is giving a whole bunch of referrals for us which is absoluely amazing. She even brought a family of friends that we are now teaching and has a baptismal date for the 23rd. woohoo! Well we are teaching a wide variety of people with varying nessecities. We are teaching a hardcore evangelical family (Clayton and Jussara). Clayton got super excited to know that the truth was once again here on the earth (prophet, apostles, authority, etc.), however his wife isn’t very easy to win over (she is really blinded by “men’s craftiness” unfortunately). We are teaching a family whose dad is in prison and is completing his sentence there (this family went to church!). We are teaching catholics, and people of every type of faith. We are working a lot with inactives as well. A goal that President Cruz passed for us is to reactivate or advance four men in the priesthood. So we are zoning our efforts in on four members that we know.

We are also teaching a mother of a member who lost her leg in a hit and run two months ago. She cannot feel her body from the waist down and depends greatly on others for her support. It is sometimes very depressing when we visit her because she does not recieve many visits (party because she wasn’t exactly the happiest most freindly honest person in the world before the accident…). She is often home alone even though her 18 year old daughter takes care of her 24/7. We are trying to involve the ward greatly and the bishop and his family actually do help a whole ton. Like they pay for diapers, and a bunch of other necessary things. Well this paralytic (Rosangela) lives on the 5th floor of her apartment we are trying to think of a million ways to get her to church at least once before she can be baptized…..

While we were thinking of her situation we remembered the parable of the paralytic in the Bible in Luke 5. Remember that story about the paralytic that wanted to be healed and was carried by four men to Jesus and was lifted through the rooftop to be able to get to Him and be forgiven of his sins and then cured of his disease? Yep well this is exactly the case of Rosangela. I don’t know if she’ll ever be cured of this disease, but I do know that to be completely forgiven of her past sins she will need the help of every single member to get to church and be able to enter into the baptismal waters with her wheelchair. It will require a lot of priesthood service….. wow. We already talked with bishop and he advised us to keep teaching her more before she gets baptised…also that possibly it could damage her health more if she left her fifth story home without an elevator…… wow.. we’re in a difficult situation. But we keep moving forward with faith! I have faith that Rosangela will repent and get baptized!

Tonight we are heading to Arroio Grande to do exchanges. It’ll be great. :)

Unhappily we do not have anyone in line to be baptized this weekend, however we have lots of hopes for Elizabeth, Miriam, and Gabriel on the 23rd. Por favor!

Tchau! Beijo para todos!

-Sister Jessop

Post Christmas Letter

Wow! It was absolutely amazing to see and hear all of you guys on Friday! Here on the mission the weeks pass like days and the months pass like weeks. Basically time flies out here! Well it is true that “Time flies when you’re having fun.”

This week was rather dificult as far as missionary work goes. This week we seemed to meet a lot of people with very little interest in our message… Like we did 165 contacts tranquilly and managed to mark eight baptisms, however found lots of people that rejected us this week. Well such is the life of a missionary. Maybe it has to do with the Christmas spirit… 😕 Well we had one cool experience (other than the epicness of the 25th😁): I contacted a woman last week and we returned to her home this week and when we knocked she asked immediately “Do you want to come in?” and told us that we came a little late when in reality we didn’t even mark a specific time or day to visit her. So she was waiting our arrival without us even knowing it. :) Well she accepted a baptismal date for the 23rd, but unhappily was not able to come to church this sunday with us because her nephew had to go to the hospital. I hope she keeps progressing. We’re teaching her tonight.

The gospel is so very true. Keep up the gospel there in Utah as well. Our brethren and sistren need our help. :) LOVE Y’ALL!

Eu amo o evangelho! Pregar o evangelho é o melhor coisa no mundo que poderia estar fazendo. Estou aprendendo muita coisa aqui. Nem quero voltar…só que não! Morro de saudades de vocês! Espero que consigam traduzir isso. kkkkkk hahahaha

-Sister Jessop

Christmas Cheer

This week was fantastic! Seriously! First of all we had Mission Christmas Conference- which turned out to be a blast with lots of laughs and lots of good food.

Well this week we did exchanges for one day (Wednesday to Thursday). It was great working with Sister H. in Arco Iris. She is from Wisconsin and is really amazing. She has a big desire to work and keep the mission rules. Then President Cruz asked us to divide with them once more because they were having a couple of differences as to companionship. Well it was really interesting and difficult. …I never thought that on the mission I would have to deal with other people’s problems…. Well there are new surprises along every bend.

So we spent a lot of time travelling by bus. it was great. We also did a service project this week at Irmã Denice’s house. We washed her moldy walls with chlorophine. It turned so very white afterward you’d hardly recognize that it was the same wall.

So this week we taught Letícia and Isadora almost every single day this week in preparation for the baptisms. Well when we were teaching Isadora, her mother told us a story. Cristina told us, “All of these four years that we have been distant from the church, we never stopped living the gospel. We (as a family) always lived the standards, but we just didn’t go to church. During this time we always pondered about what it would be like it Jesus entered into our house…how we would react…how we would embrace Him, etc. Well when we met you sister missionaries and you entered our home and started teaching us, He entered as well. Christ entered our home when you two started teaching Isadora.” Wow. The spirit flooded the room when she said this. She really recognized us as Christ’s representatives. :) Well Isadora was baptized Saturday after this experience and the whole family returned to church that same Sunday to watch the confirmation. They are planning on enduring to the end!! woohoo! Seriously it was so great.

Letícia got baptized as well! All of their family and friends were there to support and it turned out really well. The only negative thing was that we started the baptism an hour late..( I don’t know how things are can happen so late in the true church of Jesus Christ)…. haha After the baptism we had the ward Christmas party including a dessert contest. Us missionaries had to leave early (horários) but they let us try some of the dessert before leaving. I love panetone! It is a sweet bread that the eat down hear around xmas. It is delicious. However quindim, pudim, and gelatina are not my very favorite desserts in the world. Choco-chip cookies are always the best.

I said goodbye to Sister B. today at the Rodoviária. I will miss her a bunch. She is amazing and I really admire her dedicated missionary service. I wish her lots of luck in Uruguay!(She’s now returning home). I will stay with Sister Castro for one week and then receive my “new” companion the following week.

I wish you all a fantastic week. I cannot wait for the 25th! It’ll be so great. Only 2 weeks to go! Só alegria aqui na missão Porto Alegre Sul! Love you all!

-Sister Jessop

PS. Sorry I don’t have pictures…my memory card ran out…but I’ll buy a new one…. no worries

Weekly Update

So this week we walked a whole bunch. Amidst a bunch of difficulties we managed to have a good week. The investigators are doing really well. Right now we are teaching a less active family with a nonmember daughter named Isadora that has gone to church with us for two Sundays already!! COOL! She is super spiritual and yesterday we taught them and showed them a video with Elder Holland’s testimony about the Book of Mormon and how Joseph Smith literally gave his life in defence of the truth… It was really cool and pretty spiritual. Take a look at the video if you can find it. It is a Mormon Message.

We will have a baptism this saturday. woohoo!!!!! Claudio will be baptized. He is really amazing and is reading like a whole bunch in the Book of Mormon and even started reading Pearl of Great Price without meaning to because he downloaded the app on his phone. cool! He is an elect of the Lord.

Later this afternoon I will be going to Porto Alegre for Leadership Council… It should be pretty cool. Well guess where we will sleep tomorrow night in Porto Alegre? We will sleep right next to the POA temple!! It’ll be pretty legit wakeup and see the temple. yeah… I’m spoiled.

Anyway I am praying for a week of miracles. Seriously.

-Sister Jessop

Transfers – Staying in Pelotas

So we recieved the transfer and….I am staying in Pelotas. My Argentina companion, Sister DLT, will be leaving me. :( But I will gain a new companion: Sister Bor. She is from Uruguay and is finishing her mission. She is SERIOUSLY amazing. I am looking forward to learning a lot from her. I went on one exchange with her. She is hardworking, joyful, funny, likable and spiritual. I am so psyched for the hard work and the miracles that’ll come!

Well this week was really great. We visited a less active family that the bishop had asked us to teach and it turned out super amazing. When we arrived the mom told us the whole story about how they met the church and also how they met one another in the church (the couple) The conversion story was pretty dang beautiful. The mom was the YW President at the time and they actually got sealed in the temple. They have a twevle year old daughter (who is not a member) named Isadora. She came to church with us this last Sunday and already has a baptismal date! We only visited them twice as of this far, however I felt the Spirit really strongly both times and I have a lot of faith that this family will return to activity in the church. The second time we taught them, we asked Isadora to say the prayer at the end. She said a prayer like none other. She really spoke with God as if He were there in the room. During the prayer she even said to God, “I ….miss you.” Wow! Everyone got goosebumps after the prayer and she said she felt strange. We then tried to help her recognize that it was the Spirit testifying to her. It was pretty dang cool. I think that now is the right time for this family to return to church. So cool…. :)

Well I basically love the mission. I look forward to absolutely every opportunity to learn and grow and help others come unto Christ. Stay strong in the faith! Love you all!

-Sister Jessop

Dia de los Muertos

We travelled to Canguçu this week to do exchanges. It was super cool. Canguçu is really hilly and I got sore only working there for one day.

I also got to split with Sister R. in Fragatta (here in Pelotas mesmo). She’s my friend from the MTC! It was so cool being with her once again and remembering all of the things we did in the MTC and telling all about our mission experiences to one another. She is an amazing young woman – so sweet and has such a cool testimony to share with everyone. Thankfully she’ll be attending BYU with me upon our arrival at home. Woohoo!

For the Day of the Dead we worked at the cemetery yesterday morning. It was a cool experience helping people understand that their passed-away relatives are in the spirit world. It was an amazing opportunity to talk about the plan of salvation, life after death, resurrection and the celestial kingdom. It was pretty dang cool.

The gospel is true! Love you all!

-Sister Jessop

Splits, baptisms and a ward talent show

We had three splits (divisions) this week. It was great. I got to work with another Sister from Pelotas (Sister V.) She is working here only for a short time to help the mission out. She is amazing and amazingly funny. We finally found the house of an old, progressing investigator that the elders had been teaching (actually the assistants were teaching her). Her name is Rosaura. She said that she almost got baptized when they were teaching her. She told us that she got her bag all ready and everything (with a towel, underwear, etc) but that the elders didn’t show up to take her to the baptism. Wow!

Anyway we will be working with her big time this week and the following so that she’ll be baptized soon. I heard that her dream is of being baptized. She is so sweet and is willing to change her life to follow Christ. :) Happy day! We also marked a baptismal date with Claudio for November 7th! We is doing so well and is progressing very well. He’s already been to church two times and is super excited to have started on this path.

We also went to Arroio Grande this week- which is about two hours drive from Pelotas. The drive was very tiring. Arroio Grande is a very small, cute town, with a branch (not a ward). I met a variety of members and they all seemed super friendly and nice. It’s an amazing area. My companion went with Sister L. and I split with Sister M.!!!!! It was so cool to see her once again. We started our mission at the same time and were born (started our mission) in the same place- in Rio Grande. She is from Mexico and is super funny and way cool. We had some sweet experiences teaching together, including finding an elect couple with the earnest desire to find the truth and join a church to have a faith. Seriously, this couple loved the message of the Restoration. It was really cool!!!

On Saturday we had a cool ward activity. It was a talent show! You guys would not believe it- my companion and I did a comedy. Hahaha! We decided to make a sandwich together. My companion played the part as the hands and I talked. I don’t know how to explain very well but y’all get the picture. It was funny and everybody got a good kick out of it. Some gauchos also played some awesome music. It turned out really cool. There was also free hot water and erva to make chimarrão.

Well that basically wraps up my week. I hope that the next one can be just as good, if not better. Love you all!

-Sister Jessop